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llestInDaTriState Company is a Music/Promotion company thats based at a Philadelphia, Area in USA. Our aim of starting this business is to work in all artists music artist in the United States of America and other countries of the world to help to launch their musical career or take their musical career to the next level & Grow.


IllestInDaTristate will managed all musical/Promotions We will work towards becoming one of the largest Companys of reigning musical artist in the United States of America and other parts of the world with musical album hits back to back in the music industry.

Everyone has a dream; some people have a dream that can only be fulfilled through their lyrics, beats, and punchlines. Which is why representing artists of diverse genres; Rap, Hip-Hop, RnB, Pop, Soul and every other sound is my way of helping them fulfill their dreams.

Never chase your dreams alone. If you want to go fast, go alone. But going far means having a team behind you. Illestindatristate is all about a hands-on perspective to artist representation. Helping artist go fast and far with their dreams.

As part of our plans to make artists under our Company and our customers our number one priority and to become the leading Company in Philadelphia, we have perfected plans to work with our clients to deliver music projects that can favorably compete with the best in the industry at an affordable and reasonable price, within the stipulated completion date barring any unforeseen circumstance and also to help artistes under our company gain international recognition within a short period of time.

IllestInDaTristate Company is to become a specialist in turning upcoming musical artists into stars / celebrities and already made music artists / starts into mega – super stars. IllestInDaTriState Company will at all times demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, both individually and as a Group, by actively participating in our communities and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible. 

IllestInDaTriState Company is owned by CEO Alexander Rodriguez This dude have been able to cut his teeth in the musical industry at national level and international level. I have appreciable year of experience working with some of the leading Music Artist in the United States. 

Our Product and Services 

IllestInDaTriState Company is going to offer varieties of services within the scope of the music industry in the United States of America. Our intention of starting our company is to make profits from the music industry and we will do all that is permitted by the law in the US to achieve our aim and ambition. 

Our business offering Is Growth in Your Music Career!

Our Vision Statement 

Our vision is to help upcoming music artists to become stars and to help established music artists to become mega – super stars 

Our Mission Statement

Our mission as a Company is to build a business that will help our clients achieve their highest dreams within the shortest time possible.

Our Business Structure


The fact that we are set to compete with other leading companies in the world, means that we must build a business structure that can support our business goal. IllestInDaTristate Company will build a solid business structure that can support the growth of our business. We will ensure that we hire competent hands to help us build the business of our dream.

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